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iSAP-GS02E / iSAP-GS12E / iSAP-GS22E

Quick Facts

Connection Types: 

Class 3 Bluetooth HID

Battery: 550mAh


(WxDxH): 39.2 x 55.0 x 51.2 mm

40m Transmission Distance

Support Parallel charging

Zebra Scan Engine

Removable Li-Polymer battery


Designed for mobile data communication

Equipped with Class 3 Bluetooth HID which enable data communication between the devices in different operating system (Windows OS, Android System & iOS system). 

It is also supporting NFC, you can do the pairing via tapping the NFC reading area in your Mobile. No need to scan a pairing barcode or open Bluetooth settings to identify and select the device.

Flexible battery design

Removable Li-Polymer battery design allows fully-utilize your scanner. One scanner for full-day is now possible!

Worry the battery is not sufficient for heavy usage? Now it is not an issue for charging up to 6 scanners in parallel.

Designed for outdoor & harsh working environment

This glove scanner is designed for harsh working environment. It is built with IP65 industrial grade and ultra-rugged. It passed the Drop-Proof, Dust-Proof and withstand Impact from High and Low Temperature (-20°C to 50°C)

Multiple scanning modes

This scanner can switch between manual mode, continuous scanning mode, host and sense mode. This feature makes this scanner more flexible and can be integrated fully into your workflow.

Different Glove Design for different workflows





In order to help improving the operation efficiency of the warehouse workers, we have introduced the Glove Scanner and Android Watch.

The ultimate tools combinations for effective warehouse management.

Keep scrolling to see a warehouse worker can work better and effective to complete their routine tasks with our Android WatcheCard Scanner & Glove scanner.

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Time-Saving & Convenient

When the Glove Scanner (1D/2D with BT) paired to use with the Android Watch (2.8” Android 9.0 LTE, WiFi, BT), workers’ hands are freed for handling goods pick-up or even document tasks. It saves the routines and avoid the accident of dropping the mobile devices.

No more unnecessary pick-up and put-down processes.

Powerful Battery & Data Communication

The built-in battery supports a shift’s duty and the design of Glove Scanner even supports a swappable Li-Ion battery. If you want to connect the Glove scanner directly to the desktop PC, we offer a BT Charging Dock which can charge the scanner and spare battery simultaneously.

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Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 3.44.11 PM.png
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Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 3.55.50 PM.png
Pull, Scan & Done

For those who needs to do on-site and wear a staff badge, they may choose our eCard Scanner. With a pull on the eCard, a scan is triggered.

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