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Disinfection tools

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Self-Disinfecting Screen Protector


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how it works

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Copper Nanotechnology

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High Efficient

Viruses are eliminated within minutes of being in contact with the film, reducing the risk of transmission in surfaces that are frequently touched.

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Lab Proven

Tested and proven laboratories all around the world, including USA, Japan, Australia, and Singapore.

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Last For 12 months

Self-cleansing. With replacement every 6 to 12 months, Nanoshield helps you save costs on disinfecting alcohol and human hours.

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Installs Easily

Our antiviral films come with an adhesive backing that makes them simple to install. Just cut to size, peel, and stick.

3 Majors Approach

  • Approach 01: Copper Ions
    Nanoshield produces electrically charged copper ions that attach to viruses and bacteria altering their structure, inactivating them.
  • Approach 02: Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
    Nanoshield reacts with molecules that are produced by bacteria (H2O2, O2•–) to form a chemical substance called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). ROS damages both the proteins and nucleic acids in viruses and bacteria providing an antibacterial and antiviral effect.
  • Approach 03: Direct Contact
    All viruses are surrounded by a protective protein layer that holds the infectious DNA/RNA inside. In order for viruses to spread, this layer needs remain intact. Nanosheilds copper particles are rapidly absorbed into this protein layer bursting their protective wall.
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Apply for almost any surface

You can use this film as a phone screen protector, kiosk screen protector, display panel in the public area, screen protecting for ATM, lift button panel and more.

Contact us to order and customise the dimension as your need.

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Our Successful Case

With the proven results and quality-assured by renowned testing labs, it convinced one of our premium customers, Nestle to apply our protecting film in their coffee machine to protect their users from any harmful bacteria and virus. 

Now it is your choice to use this protecting film as a value added to your products. 

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