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A Kiosk model that you can use without touching it. Keep the distance and stay safe.

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“SAN” means “without”.

Touch-san-Touch means, Touch-activation without requiring to physically contact with the screen.

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Touch Sensors all around to provide accurate Touch sensing as if Physical contact with the screen.


Our Touch Technology take advantage of InfraRed sensors and we have elevated it by 1 inch from the screen so, you can Touch without the need to physically touching the screen. Without physical contact, transmission cannot happen!


Safety is the main reason to choose Touch-San-Touch

The only Kiosk that cares about your safety and fights the viral transmission. 

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The more it be touched, the more virus & bacteria colonies formed

You can't predict or identify who is a virus carrier or who will be infected after touched on the infected surface. According to the research, the lesser the surface being touched, the lesser bacteria colonies. This reason is why the technology of Touch-San-Touch come to live. 

Higher risk due to high usage rate of kiosk during the pandemic period

In the time of Pandemic, keeping social distance is the most effective way to break the chain. It also means your customers now using Kiosk more than usual like Food ordering, Self-Payment, etc.

This high usage frequency is putting you, your staffs and your customers at risk of infection.

Your cleaning schedule can't catch up the contamination rate by bacteria or virus

It will be rediculous for your staff to clean the surface of the kiosk right after the customer done using it. So there will be a HUGE gap for the time between it contaminate the surface and being cleaning up with chemicals.

This gap gives chance for the bacteria or viruses to infect anyone who touched on it. 

You can make it more effective and safer together with Self-Disinfecting Screen Protector

Outstanding performances: 

  • 99.99% Coronavirus (OC43)

  • 99.99% Influenza (H3N2)

  • 99.99% Norovirus surrogate (FCV)

  • 99.99% E. coli 

  • 99.99% Staphylococcus aureus 

  • 99.99% Escherichia virus (MS2) 

So, how to place an order for Touch-San-Touch Kiosk?

Drop us a call and place an order for it. It is easy!

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