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A Robot can clean and disinfect your kiosk screen in just 30 seconds.

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​​UVC Disinfection Robot


The UVC disinfection robot will significantly destroy the DNA or RNA of the Virus and Bacteria propagation in your environment. Air & Surface Irradiation via the UVC LED Bar can auto move from the Touch screen area horizontally at a predefined schedule unattended or per instructed, it can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and more on surface to reduce the workload of cleaning.

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The time required for one horizontal scan is within 30 secs. It is faster & effective than a manual clean up.

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Sealed Completely

The design is a complete-seal and it is auto-off.. Safe for everyone from harmful UV yet effective in disinfection.

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Add-on Module

This is designed as an Add-on Module to Flytech Kiosks on the market, no replacement is needed. This product definitely cost-friendly while protecting your staffs and customers.

More Reasons To Upgrade

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Protect the health of your team and visitors

The UVC disinfection robot breaks the viruses and bacteria with precision from Touch Monitor area. It is entirely devoted to disinfection with regularity without needing your intervention.

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Interactivity with users

With the LCD Display, you can customize to display what you want to show, such as Greeting Messages, Operation Status, Warnings or others.

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Save human resources and lower the cleaning stress

During the COVID-19 Pandemic period, the sanitation matter is a significant challenge. By adding the UVC LED Bar to your Kiosk, you will have a valuable ally that you can count on to support your team and reduce the pressure in sterilizing work.


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