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Autonomous & Self-exploration UV Disinfection Robot

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UVC Disinfection Robot

A New Type of Technological Force to Fight Against the Spread of Covid-19

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Damaging DNA or RNA inside the
cell, preventing the micro-organism from replication

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No harmful disinfectant

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Air and surface disinfection

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None corrosive & chemical residues


Watch it in action

Get impressed with how smart and effective Adibot A can keep the environment safe from bacteria and viruses.


Product Structure


Lamp Distribution


360° uniformly distributed on a circle. Maximum radiation coverage.

No Blind Angle


4 bottom lamps on each side.
Eliminate corners and shadowed areas.

99.99% of Pathogens Eliminated


40m² within 10min

Spotlight Design


Polished Reflector design.
A high reflectivity of 90% above. Enhance overlapping radiation intensity.

Smart Disinfection Management


One system to control your ADIBOT-A effectively. 

  • Mapping

  • Smart Calculating

  • Automatic Disinfection

  • Points Generating

  • Multi-Robot Management

  • Disinfection Task Deployment

  • Remote Control

  • Disinfection Result Reports

  • Video Recording

More reasons to have an ADIBOT-A

ADIBOT-A 亮灯 側面.png

Suggested Application

flytech hospital operation room.jpg

Operating Room Disinfection

General Specifications

Prefer a Stationary Version, we have ADIBOT-S

ADIBOT-S 亮灯 側面.png
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