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Dosimeters Card

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UVC Dosimeters change CoLOr

when exposed to UV-C energy…

so you can independently validate your devices and procedures to SEE if an optimal dose of UVGI has been delivered to a surface. Having a visual indication of dose is critical for the success of your UV-C disinfection protocols. UVC Dosimeters are recommended for use during every disinfection cycle to provide visible confirmation and confidence for staff, patients, visitors and guests.
UVC Dosmeters change color


UVC Dosimeters



When exposed to specific ultraviolet wavelengths, the yellow indicator area on UVC Dosimeters will visibly change color to indicate an accumulated dose of germicidal irradiation. UVC Dosimeters help users see if surfaces have received enough energy to kill viruses, bacteria and spores. Delivering a sufficient dose of UV-C is vital to effectively sanitize surfaces, which is why color-changing dosimeters are such an important part of the disinfection process.

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UVC Dosimeters Card - 橙色.png

25 mJ/cm²

UVC Dosimeters Card - 粉色.png

50 mJ/cm²

UVC Dosimeters Card - 紅色.png

100 mJ/cm²

How UVC Dosimetes Work




UVC Dosimeters Card




Validated by RISE:


Research Institutes of Sweden


shelf life

Provides visible evidence of UVGI at doses of 20, 50, 100 mJ/cm²

(for UVC 222 devices, up to150 mJ/cm² )

Designed & manufactured

in Sweden

Ideal for staff training, validating performance, and comparison of different UV-C devices

(For 254 Devices)
UVC 254 TRI Card 

Our 254 TRI Cards provide visible evidence of successful germicidal irradiation from UV-C devices using the 254 nm wavelength.

UVC254 TRI cards provide a simple, accurate way to see how much germicidal UV-C has been delivered to surfaces around a room or to objects inside a disinfection cabinet. Color-changing UVC Dosimeters help you validate any UV-C device and provide real-time visible evidence of successful UVGI.

UVC Dosimeters Card - 黃色.png

Product Details

  • 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards with adhesive backing

  • Designed for use with UV-C 254 nm devices

  • Validated by RISE: Research Institute of Sweden

  • Color-indicates 25, 50 and 100 mJ/cm²

  • Single use only. Do not reuse.

  • Packaged 25 units per bag

  • MOQ 200 units (8 bags)

  • 3-year shelf life

  • Store at room temperature in original packaging and away from direct sunlight.

  • Private label and customization available for orders of 10,000+

UVC 254nm

(For 222 Devices)
UVC 222 Dots 

Introducing the first-ever UVC Dosimeter for Far UV-C

Using a patented, UV-sensitive material, UVC Dosimeters react to UV-C at 222 nm. These color-changing indicators are ideal for use with UV-C disinfection systems and help you validate your devices, procedures and visibly see if target surfaces have received enough germicidal irradiation to kill  harmful bacteria, viruses and spores.

UVC222-DOT (new).png

Product Details

  • Designed for use with 222 nm devices

  • Adhesive 1″ dots easily peel off card

  • Check mark appears at 5 mJ/cm²

  • Color-indicates 20, 50, 75, 100 and 150 mJ/cm²

  • Validated by RISE: Research Institutes of Sweden

  • Single use only. Do not reuse.

  • Packaged 5 cards per bag (net 25 dosimeters)

  • MOQ 200 units (8 bags)

  • 3-year shelf life

  • Store at room temperature in original packaging and away from direct sunlight.

  • Private label and customizations options available for orders of 10,000+ units.

UVC 222 nm

UVC Dosimeters
for Every Industry

UVC Dosimeters help you visibly demonstrate the effectiveness of you UVC disinfection processes so you can restore confidence to your patients, employees, customers, guests, visitors, clients and more. If you’re looking for Private Label options for your specific industry or business need, let’s talk.

Doctor and Patient


Keeping healthcare facilities clean and safe has never been more critical. If your EVS or Sterile Processing teams are using UV-C for disinfection and decontamination, talk to us about how we can help them visualize and validate their processes and devices with color-changing UVC dose indicators.

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