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Biometric Reader

HID® Lumidigm®
V-Series Fingerprint Reader

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HID® Lumidigm®

V-Series Fingerprint Reader

The Lumidigm V-Series Fingerprint Readers deliver the most secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint authentication technology on the market today. Already providing biometric authentication for over two billion ATM transactions per year around the world, the V-Series is perfect for applications in banking, healthcare and citizen ID — applications where knowing "who" matters.

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Multiple spectrums of light and advanced optical techniques

This brand new technology overcomes the fingerprint capture problems found with conventional imaging systems.

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That subsurface capability is important because the fingerprint ridges seen on the surface of the finger have their foundation beneath the surface of the skin, in the capillary beds and other sub-dermal structures.

Extract the characteristics up to subsurface of the skin

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Key Features

Most secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint authentication technology

The Plustek SecureScan X-Cube is an easy and fast solution to scan ID cards. It quickly scans ID cards and speeds up your check-in procedure. Utilize ultraviolet light for hidden watermark image capture. The users identify the authenticity of document.

Simplified Access

Enrolls and verifies everyone, every time, in all environmental conditions with unsurpassed biometric performance for a quick and easy user experience and worry-free deployment in the real world.

Best-in-class Liveness Detection

Prevents the fraudulent use of biometric data by recognizing and rejecting fakes and spoofs.

Excellent Interoperability

Meets international biometric interoperability standards, allowing for easy integration into existing authentication systems and future-proofing your deployment.


Watch Lumidigm® Performance in Action

Dry conditions

Dry fingertips are common, caused by anything from climate conditions or natural skin characteristics to frequent hand-washing or air travel. Multispectral imaging technology captures high-quality images even when fingers are dry.

Wet conditions

Moisture is a fairly common real world condition. Some environments are naturally damp, due to climate (London) or setting (a spa). Some people have moist hands. Multispectral imaging technology captures high-quality images even in wet conditions.

Diverse demographics

Biometrics work because people are unique — and yet diverse user populations are difficult for many fingerprint biometrics systems to handle. Multispectral imaging can authenticate anyone, no matter what their age, ethnicity, job or lifestyle.

Rugged conditions

People don’t have time to wash and lotion their hands when they use a fingerprint sensor. And yet other technologies require just that to meet performance requirements. Multispectral sensors take people as they are — at the office, construction site, or agricultural field.

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