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Identity Document Reader | Thales

Gemalto – AT10K

Quick Facts

Connection Types: USB Type C

Technology: MRZ Data Extraction

Image Captire Area: 550 DPI option


Status Indicators

ePassport (RFID) Option

Slot for Kensington® Security Lock


  • Standard 370 DPI image resolution, 3.1 Megapixel sensor , 30 bit RGB colour system

  • High Resolution 550 DPI option, 10 Megapixel sensor , 36 bit RGB colour system

ePassport (RFID) Option
  • Reads from and writes to contactless chips and eID according to ISO 14443 (13.56MHz) Type-A and Type-B using a PC/SC interface

  • ePassport support for ICAO 9303 LDS 1.7 & 1.8 and PKI using included SDK

VIZ Data Capture Option

Additional software can decode the OCR text in the visible zone (HRZ) from identity documents as well as many driving licenses

Optional Add-On Module
  • Contact smartcard to ISO 7816 Class A and AB (T0/T1)

  • Fits to right side of reader

  • Factory fit or customer upgrade

Status Indicators

The readers provide user feedback via the following status indicators. The readers perform a power-up self-test and indicate failure using status LEDs.

  • Red Cross – Indicates a Read Error

  • Green Tick - Indicates a Valid Read

  • Yellow Progress Bar pulsing - Ready to place a new document

  • Yellow Progress Bar incrementing – Performing a read, keep document still on the glass

  • Yellow Progress Bar stopped – Document can be removed from



Powered from a single USB port or via universal input external power supply.


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